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Queen Mary, University of London

School Profile:

Queen Mary University of London, referred to as QMUL, was formerly a community hall integrating education and culture. It gradually became an academic institution in the early 20th century and joined the University of London (UOL) in 1915. , and changed its name to Queen Mary College in 1934. After decades of integration and expansion, it was officially established as a university in 2000. Currently, the university has more than 25,000 students, including international students from 162 countries.

As a member of the Russell Group, it is ranked 40th in The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022. The University has a long history of research in medicine, physics, space, politics, sociology and anthropology. Research in recent years has focused on cutting-edge technologies applied to medicine, and preventive drugs or methods for preventing cancer and other important diseases. The research level and achievements of the university are internationally renowned. Eight celebrities who have studied or taught in the university have won the Nobel Prize, including Mr. Kao Kun, who invented optical fiber technology, who also taught in the university.


In addition to academic research, the University has also established a number of different programs to help students or graduates gain work experience, including an experience program called QConsult, which provides a one-year work experience for graduates who have just completed a bachelor's program. Participants work in small groups to plan large-scale events for selected London businesses. Students not only receive work allowances, but also career guidance from universities and partner companies. Graduates have excellent job prospects, with 91% of candidates being employed or continuing on to a master's programme within six months of graduation.


Subject introduction:

The university has three main colleges, including Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and Faculty of Science and Engineering, offering bachelor's and master's programs. Among them, Dentistry is ranked 8th in the subject rankings of The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022.


In addition, the university also offers university foundation courses and pre-master's courses for individual subjects, so that students who do not meet the standard for direct admission can study. After students complete the course and obtain a passing grade, they can progress to the same school.


Geographical location:

The university, including the main campus, has a total of five campuses, all of which are located in London, and are connected to each campus by the London Underground. The main campus, Mile End, is located in East London, in Zone 2, the subway sub-district. There are three London subway lines that can be directly reached. International students can travel to the main campus from London Heathrow Airport or London Gatwick Airport by subway or train in approximately one hour and 20 minutes.



Campus Information:

Year of founding



Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS


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