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The Global Education Expo is the largest and most prestigious education exhibition in Hong Kong, with the aim of inspiring and motivating students by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their career prospects and brighten their educational future. This event is primarily aimed at school and college students, graduates and those searching for academic opportunities abroad, with an anticipated turnout of over 100 exhibitors and more than 5,000 attendees.


Despite over 41,000 students applying to universities in Hong Kong after completing the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) in 2020, only about 38% of them are granted places as first-year students in publicly-funded or self-financed bachelor's degree programmes. For most other secondary school graduates, local options are limited to subsidised associate degree and higher diploma programmes only.


With such a high number of potential students in Hong Kong, this Expo presents an excellent opportunity to reach a wide audience and promote business awareness. The Expo has invited schools and institutions from the following countries/regions to take part in this exceptional education event of the year, promoting the globalisation of education in Hong Kong.

Exhibitor category

The Global Education Expo will bring together global education providers and offer Hong Kong students a range of international academic options, at the same time promoting the internationalisation of education in Hong Kong. Schools and education-related organisations from across the world are invited to participate in this outstanding education event of the year.

- Universities and Tertiary Institutions

- Vocational Training Institutions

- Overseas Boarding Schools

- Local International Schools

- Language Schools

- Arts and Design Schools

- International Cultural Associations

- Immigration Consultancy

- Student Organisations & Youth Centres


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