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University College Dublin (UCD)

School Profile:

University College Dublin  (UCD) was founded in 1908, the school has a long history. With more than 160 years of teaching experience, it is ranked second in Ireland's university rankings and one of Europe's leading research universities, offering up to 593 courses. University College Dublin is Ireland's largest university, with a main campus covering 130 hectares and state-of-the-art facilities. University College Dublin has about 33,000 students and about 6,000 international students, of which 4,000 do not live in Ireland, and 30% of the teachers are not from Ireland. It can be seen that the school is very diverse, with students and teachers from all over the world. UCD's QS world ranking is as high as 173, the teacher-student ratio is 1:12, and the school's research results and projects are rated as excellent.


Subject introduction:

The university has 6 main colleges, including College of Arts and Humanities, College of Business, College of Engineering and Architecture, College of Health and Agricultural Sciences, College of Science and College of Social Sciences and Law. They have a total of 5 colleges, and each college will have a graduate school. Students who meet the final grades can also progress to the original school through the UCD International Study Centre foundation course of Study Group.


Geographical location:

University College Dublin is located in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, surrounded by well-developed traffic. The distance between Dublin Airport and the university is about 13 kilometers. If you take a bus from the university, you can reach the airport in about an hour; if you take other cultural and communication means, such as taxis, it takes only 20 minutes to reach the airport at the fastest.



Campus Information:

Year of founding



Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland


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