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University of Huddersfield

School Profile:
Founded in 1825, the University of Huddersfield is a public university located in the Midlands of England. Its establishment dates back to 1841 and was officially upgraded to a university in 1992. In the past, it has obtained high scores in the survey of college students' satisfaction with the school in the UK. The University of Huddersfield has an international reputation for research in many fields, and its precision technology research center is recognized as the best in the UK and one of the top three in Europe. Won the Gold Award in the Teaching Excellence Framework issued by the British government, its Work Placement ranks among the top ten in the UK, and the graduate employment rate is 94%. In addition, the school cooperates with many large enterprise companies, including Microsoft, Panasonic, BBC, Rolls Royce and HSBC, etc., providing many work internship opportunities to students every year. The University of Huddersfield has paid special attention to the quality of teaching for many years. The proportion of lecturers with professional teaching qualifications is the highest among UK universities (2016-2020), and the number of lecturers who have won the National Teaching Fellowships of the British Government is even the highest in ten years. Long.


Subject introduction:    

The University of Huddersfield has 7 faculties and 3 campuses on the distribution card campus. Queensgate is the main campus of the school, and most academic activities are carried out on this campus. The ldham campus has complete facilities, including art studios and multimedia rooms. , Drama Studio, Reading Room, Technology Facilities and Learning Resource Centre. The Barnsley campus offers specialist facilities such as Music, Art and Design, Journalism and Creative Production. The most popular subjects in the university's bachelor's and master's programs include Accountancy, Business, Hospitality, Marketing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Creative Arts, Engineering, and Law. The university curriculum is practical and the teaching performance is excellent.


Geographical location:

Adjacent to the city centre of Huddersfield, in the middle of the triangle formed by the three university towns of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, each of which is about twenty miles away. It only takes about three hours from the school to London by train, and from Huddersfield to big cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, it only takes 1 to 2 hours by train [AW1]  , Hong Kong students can It is very convenient to fly directly to Manchester International Airport, which is only one hour and 15 minutes away from the university, and then transfer to the train to the university.



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Year of founding



University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH , UK



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