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University of Hertfordshire

School Profile:

The University of Hertfordshire was founded in 1952 in southeastern England. It is a modern university with very advanced teaching equipment and innovative teaching concepts. The university has close ties with industry, and the curriculum also emphasizes practicality. In addition, the university has always been committed to providing students with good teaching quality, so that students can integrate professional, practical experience and life skills after graduation. The employment rate of graduates is as high as 95.2%. The University has a 24-hour Learning Resource Centre that provides students with the latest information, learning facilities and work spaces. The school has several colleges [AW1]  , including School of Creative and Cultural Engineering, School of Business, School of Engineering and Information Technology, School of Health and Life Science, School of Humanities , School of Law and School of Education, etc. The school offers more than 100 majors, among which History, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Life Sciences, Astronomy, Philosophy, Nursing and Pharmacy are the most outstanding [AW2]  .


Subject introduction:

The university offers 450 different degree programs, including Art and Design, Aerospace Engineering, Music, Marketing, Business, Computer Science, Geography, Tourism Management, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Law and Education and Social Science, etc., and some disciplines offer Work placement opportunities. The University also cooperates with Navitas, an educational institution, to offer basic courses and pre-master’s courses for overseas students to study. The subjects include Business Studies, Art & Design, Law, Science and Engineering. After successful completion, students can go directly to the university. Popular subjects are: History, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Life Sciences, Astronomy, Philosophy, Nursing and Pharmacy.


Geographical location:

The university is located in the town of Hatfield, north of London, and Hatfield is one of the most safe areas in the UK, where you can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable pastoral scenery, and the school provides students with a quiet and comfortable learning and living environment. It is also very convenient to go shopping, sightseeing, gourmet food or watch opera in London on weekends. It only takes 20 minutes to get to King's Cross train station in central London, and London Heathrow Airport also has a direct bus to the main campus of the university. One hour and forty minutes, very convenient [AW3]  .


Campus Information:

Year of founding



University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9AB, UK



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