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University of Leicester

School Profile:

The University of Leicester (Leicester) was established in 1921 and has a history of nearly a hundred years. It is located in Leicester, a city in central England. The university currently has about 20,000 students, and overseas students account for nearly 25% of the school, from 110 countries. At the same time, it enjoys a high reputation in teaching and scientific research, has always maintained a high level in teaching evaluation, and has strong scientific research strength. It is one of the ten schools with the highest national research funds, and its level ranks among the top 10 universities in the UK. In terms of scientific research, the university is also a pioneer in the study of DNA genetic fingerprinting. The MBA program offered by the university is also accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). 75% of students graduate with a first or second class honours degree.


Subject introduction:

Many departments at Leicester not only have high evaluations in the official evaluation of the British Ministry of Education, but also have a very high reputation internationally. The highest scores in their fields of study are Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Geography, Physics, Education, English, History, Art History, Law, International Relations and Social Sciences. The university cooperates closely with local industry and commerce in the UK, especially Medical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physics and Engineering. In addition, the school also offers university foundation and diploma courses with Navitas for overseas students to choose. After successfully completing the course, they can directly enter the first or second year of the university.


Geographical location:

The University is located in the center of Leicester, in the middle of England, is an international city and the first environmentally friendly city in the UK. Leicester is just north of London and is about an hour and five minutes by train to London. The closest airport to the school is Birmingham Airport in one hour and thirty minutes. Students can also choose to transfer to the school at London Heathrow Airport or Manchester Airport.


Campus Information:

Year of founding



University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK


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